Board of Directors

The 2019/2020 Woodlawn Heights Owners Association Board of Directors is composed of 7 members.

  • Terry Mills, President/Treasurer
  • Ron Boutin, Vice-President/ARC Chair
  • George "Kip" Carnall, Security 
  • Sandy Ellis, Secretary/Webmaster
  • John Jackson, Board Member
  • Sheila Jesgar, Board Member
  • Brigitte Herian, Board Member
If you have questions, need information, have problems or issues, would like to offer suggestions or ideas, please contact the board of directors using the contact form on this website or email [email protected]

The Board of Directors normally meets on an as-needed basis at Woodlawn Beach Middle School at 7 PM. This is an open meeting and residents are welcome to attend. A notice of the meeting will be emailed to all registered residents and posted at both entrances to the subdivision announcing the location. 

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